7 Weird Things You Did Not Know About Casinos

Casinos are psychedelic places that are known to engage their guests in long-lasting entertainment. Many researchers have spent years understanding the psychological impact of casinos on players. Casinos offer fortune and thrill to people similar to adventure sports like skydiving, but without any physical risks. Let us learn some of the craziest things that have happened in the casino industry.

The Devil’s Wheel

Did you know that if you add all the numbers in a roulette wheel, the sum you get is 666? 666 is also considered the number of the beast. That is why a lot of players like to refer to roulette as the Devil’s Wheel.


The smallest casino

The smallest casino in the world is in the back of a cab in London. The Grosvenor Casino has a mobile casino in the back of a normal cab. It consists of a gaming table, a dealer, a bar, and a TV showing sports. You can play at this casino if you make a charitable donation. The cab will also take you to the Grosvenor Casino for free on request.

Citizens not allowed

The citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble at the Monte Carlo Casino. Gambling was made illegal by Princess Caroline in the mid-1800s. The casino is only meant for foreigners. In return, the citizens do not have to pay any taxes as Monaco uses casino money instead.


Self-banning in the casinos

If you feel your gambling habit is going out of control, you can ban yourself from the casinos. A lot of states offer self-banning options to the players that can restrict them from the casino for a limited time or for a lifetime. There is no way to get back inside the casino once you have signed for voluntary exclusion.

Gamblers wear diapers

One of the bizarre facts about gamblers is that they wear diapers to the gaming tables. It helps them stick to the table at crucial moments when they are under pressure to urinate. They take their gambling addiction too far to not leave the table when they are feeling lucky. People have complained about sitting on pee-soaked chairs at slot machines time and again.

The first casino license


The first-ever casino license in Las Vegas was given to a woman named Mayme Stocker in 1920. She was a wife and mother who had a name in the local community for helping the locals. Mayme opened the casino under her name as her husband did not want to be associated with it. Her casino offered five casino games, including draw poker, lowball poker, stud poker, and bridge.

The real fruit machines

The first-ever slot machines were the actual fruit machines that would dispense fruit-flavored gums. The machines, later on, dispensed tokens that were exchanged for drinks and cigars at the restaurants. It was in 1888 when the slot machines started pumping out actual coins.

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